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The Face Behind the Book

Kelly Orlando is a YA/NA fantasy author, certified veagn pastry chef, and blogger. She holds her associate's in communications: speech and theatre and her bachelor's in creative writing and fiction. She is currently working on her debut novel, A Statue of Flawed Bronze, the first in a series, and nine other separate novels. Kelly is a neurodiverse queer woman with a background in theatre and playwriting. When not writing, Kelly runs the healthy recipes website The Dimpled Date, runs her cake & baking business, takes nature walks, and cuddles with her two rescue dogs.


-Fiction Writing/Playwriting/Screenwriting


-Culinary Arts


The Website & Blog

This website is specifically an author website for Kelly, and includes a store where you can purchase her books and e-books and also features press & media highlights, signings & events, blog posts relating to her stories & life, and a taste of her other talents as well as plentiful opportunities to connect with her.

Genre & Themes

I write YA/NA (young adult/new adult) fantasy and fiction primarily. My subject matter and themes usually involve coming-of-age narratives, supernatural and superhuman themes, mythology (incl. Non-Western mythologies and lore), magic, adventure, nature, found family, animal companions/spirit animals, BIPOC rep, LGBTQIA+ rep, disability and mental health rep, strong central female and non-binary characters, friendship, self-sacrifice, and life and death. On occasion, other themes I use include romance, the afterlife (according to world mythologies), environmental issues, and grief.

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