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The Heir of the Solstice Opal

For college student Onyx, foreseeing death isn’t easy. Neither is trying to hide it. Or thinking you’re alone. But little does she know, soon she’ll be thrust into adventure with twelve strangers who have special powers. Their mission involves a deadline, a search, an initiation, a battle, and a sacrifice, their sole purpose to find the Solstice Opal and save the ancient life force of their powers, and the world, before winter arrives.

Glowing Ball

The Scorched Oak Leaf

Dyrn, called "the demon child" by many can't seem to fathom why all of the oak trees, symbols of the gods and divine power, are dying in her presence. Locals are keen on blaming her for it all, and when her stepfather Dagda, Druid and King of the Celtic Gods & Goddesses gets word of this, he orders a search for Dyrn, sounding the rallying cry to immortals, demigods, and humans alike. And Dyrn's mother, The Morrigan, Goddess of the dead and war could care less about helping her daughter. But when things turn out to be different than what they appear, all of Ireland and the rest of the world is in for a big surprise, something that will stretch the human notion of fear past its limits and contradict the basis on which human society is organized, equally as confounding and earth-shattering to mortals as to Dagda and the other Gods.


When Princess Iris, a royal bejeweled in her family's heirloom diamonds and next in line to become the kingdom's next rainbow catcher, falls for the peasant Ópara, a mere opal girl who makes a living by trading borrowed opals for more prestigious gems, the whole royal family's loyalty is about to be tested, especially to Iris's soon-to-be betrothed, Smarg, Prince of Greengrell. Not to mention that Iris is pregnant with Smarg's baby, further cementing the two royal families together, Iris with her diamonds and Smarg with his emerald family jewels. Even more surprising is that when the baby is born, her stone is obsidian, a cursed gem. Even worse, the gem has imperfections. When Smarg blames Ópara and Iris and orders both of their executions along with the baby's, Iris and her paramour steal away in the dark of the night to find the Stone Seer, and to learn how to break the baby's curse, whilst hiding from royal forces, and unearthing both Ópara and Iris's destinies, bringing them closer together whilst testing their own loyalty to each other.

The Prince of the Forests & Cosmos

Tapyo is just an ordinary animorph with green skin and ferns and ivy for hair who is saving his home planet Zymaliz's natural world one organism at a time. That is, with his emerald staff that grows plants or makes newborn fauna appear with a wave of his arm. Always by his side is his green mossy pet bear, who hibernates amongst the stars and Earthling's know as "Ursa Major," but Tapyo knows as "Otso." But soon Tapyo will discover that his nightmares, the growing scar on his back, his planet's natural world dying, and his powers weakening will lead to secrets about his past... and future. Tapyo finds that his home planet holds some secrets of its own too, but at the same time distracting Tapyo from all this is his yearning to explore the universe and all the majestic and wondrous creatures he dreams of encountering.

Leaf Stem

Serpents & Storms, Vidma & Valor

Val doesn’t believe in the old fairytales of the past. She’s just an ordinary Ukrainian high school senior who’s never left her high-altitude village, and who no one would ever expect anything unusual from. That is until Friday the 13th, the night of her eighteenth birthday. After an attack by a bloodthirsty upyr and accidentally summoning spirits, she learns she is a demigod and a vidma, or witch, and must learn to harness her various powers as the daughter of death himself. And she’s forced to keep her true identity secret from her superstitious adoptive Baba Polina as she encounters fairies, werewolves, and mermaids. Oh yeah, and Val sometimes lives life in her own skin, and the other half of the time in another demigod’s. A Storm is brewing, the dawn of a divine war knocking on her door before the Sunday of All Saints. And it’s all up to her to stop the war before it begins. Side quests aplenty threaten to distract her from her mission, such as fighting against the ceaseless mischievous urge to explore the forbidden otherworlds. Not least because one of them may reunite her with her long-lost mother. She'll have to choose her quests wisely, otherwise the world of the dead will burst into the world of the living and a war of the gods will ensue. But she's got this... Right?


A Statue of Flawed Bronze

Vecuvia AKA Vecu is a stone-cold Prima Guardia, and a personal bodyguard to the King and Queen of Napoli who can turn herself to statue at will. Her daily duties are to slit the throats of a few thieving deliquentes, fix palace statues with a touch of her hand, and to fight off the increasing threats to the crown. She has no good reason to believe that any gods are in the sky above. That is, until she accidentally awakens a statue of the Etruscan goddess Athrpa, one of the Three Fates. When Vecu's megliore amico, Munaciello, a benevolent monk/priestess to the King and Queen who can summon wealth at will and with a penchant for thieving steals right from under the crown's nose, they attract unwanted attention. But that's only the beginning. Munaciello and their partner, 'Mbriana, a Spirit of the house flee the city, whilst Vecu goes on a quest of her own. Discovering that she is Lasa Vecuvia, the Prophetess and a marmospex who divines the future by examining the flaws in marble, Vecu is thrust into a quest to save Napoli from impending doom. But she has to find the stolen ring that started the whole curse and could be in the hands of a malemani, a winged demon. Vecu will have to travel across the whole Mediterranean in her search, finding the forgotten creatures of ancient myths and encountering other pantheons dealing with their own turmoil, with warring and suffering aplenty. And it might just be because of the curse born in Italy. All this while she must awaken the rest of the Etruscan gods, learn secrets of her powers, and learn to love her curved bronze spine. It's up to Vecu to prove herself as a Primia Guardia, and as a Napoletana.

Ring Making

The Harvest Queen's Secret

Kaede is a guard to the Harvest Queen and a leaf-wolf-fire salamander- humanoid creature who can create fire and travel through the leaves. When she hears a strange voice while hunting magic in the Third Forest one day, after a fleeting chance encounter, it leads her to the outer border of the realm where frost coats the ground... and that's not a good sign in the Queendom of Foghøst, the land where winter never arrives. Kaede discovers that the Harvest Queen has some secrets of her own, secrets about what might lie beyond Foghøst and secrets that involve Kaede's best friend, black sheep Jora, or should we say, grey spider-bat-lightning creature Jora? Kaede's nervous about that voice she heard and fears an invasion is coming. But the Harvest Queen Pythia forbids Kaede from stepping outside of the Queendom and puts magical boundaries around it because of the dangers involved. But that doesn't keep them out. Kaede secretly explores what lies beyond the Queendom with Jora on the back of "golden princess" Orli's golden dragon to uncover Jora's past, and Foghøst's future, as frost creeps along the leaf litter, closer and closer to the heart of the realm. Kaede thinks she has what it takes to melt it though, not least because the Osin, the ancestral fire salamander spirit appears to her and no one else, and because she discovers a power she never knew she had.

The Cosmic Weavers

Preview coming soon...

The Spirit Guardians

Preview coming soon... 

Kosmosasspēle (Cosmos Game) Book I- The Star-Crossed Pawns

Preview coming soon... 

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