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The Dimpled Date & Kelly's Other Job

Not only is Kelly an author, but she's also a certified raw & vegan pastry chef and runs the healthy recipes website, The Dimpled Date, in her spare time. Check out some of her recipes at, some of which are pictured below, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled on social media for #bookrecipes (and no we don't mean recipe books!) both on the official @thedimpleddate Instagram and on the official @kellymorlando Instagram.


To give an example of #bookrecipes take a look at the photo below of Kelly's Chocolate Almond Butter Crunch Energy Balls stacked on top of a pile of books and poetry collections for the composition (including Rupi Kaur's home body and Meyer's Twilight). #bookrecipes is all about where literature and food meet and it can be the recipes from or inspired by fiction, the ingredient/dish that served as the inspiration for a fabricated food in a book, the stories behind each recipe, the stories we tell when eating, or even as simple as the books chosen as props in the background of a photoshoot for a recipe that can prompt conversation about literature (and ideally, food). It's about celebrating the special connection between food and books for the love of reating (reading + eating).

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